<BGSOUND src="ronde.mid" LOOP="2">LA BONNE CHANSON

HISTORY The history of this song is unknown. It is a waltz and was heard as recently as during the 1940's in New Brunswick, Canada where we would typically hear the song on the radio. 

The lyrics to this song were generously provided to us by Joe Lavarière of Connecticut. If anyone has the copyright to this song, please let us know so that we can properly credit the artists.

INTERPRETATION This song is a man's drinking song. (1) The singer calls on his friends at the 'Round Table' to drink and be merry. And, he says, if there is someone here who is in a bad mood, then we will invite him to join us. (2) The song lends a little bit of philosophy about the hostess of the pub and her servant maids saying that they are not all that forthcoming. All of the polite gestures are merely to draw more of our money.(3) The song goes on to exclaim that a man without money is a body without soul because it is only through money that we can entertain ourselves. Money allows us to drink and it is the good wine that makes us sing. Finally, (4) the singer declares that while sitting at the Round Table and with his lady on his knees, he has one hand on his glass and the other hand... well, where would you think?
LYRICS 1-Mes bons amis à la tab-le ron-de
   Buvons, chantons et divertissons-nous (bis)
   Mais s'il y a quelqu'un qui gron-de,
   On lui fera faire com-me nous (bis)

2-Madame l'hotesse aussi bien que sa serv-ante,
   Se sont des gens qui ne sont pas complaisants (bis)
   Mais ils nous font mille pol-itess-es
   C'est pour attirer notre argent (bis)

3-Un homme sans argent est un corps sans am-e,
   Il n'y a que l'argent qui nous fait divertir (bis)
   L'argent nous fait vider les bouteill-es
   Et le bon vin nous fait- chanter (bis)

4-Mais quand- je suis à la tab-le ron-de
   Et ma cattin assis sur mes genoux (bis)
   Dans- une main je tiens mon ver-re,
   Et de l'autre qu'en pensez-vous? (bis)