A Few Notes...  

This section presents a collection of Acadian, French-Canadian and Cajun music. I started the collection with a set of songs 'sequenced'25  by guitarist, Barry Taylor (See Bibliography and Credits page). In time, I will add other songs such as those that I grew up with in the St John Valley. Some of the songs that I hope to document are melodies that I remember my grandfather humming or whistling while working in his saw mill in Baker Brook, NB or my Father and Mother as they went about their work. But also, the old Acadian music that was popular at our Saturday evening soiree's at the parish hall and of course, on radio evening music programs. I am fortunate to have a Mother who found it important to write down the lyrics to the songs that she inherited from her Mother and from her in-laws, the Joachim Theriault family.  With time and good fortune, I hope to reconstruct and capture for you these beautiful Acadian melodies using my computer sequencer software.

For now, I must thank Barry Taylor for his tremendous inspiration on this important project. These songs and many others have been composed and sequenced in a set that Barry has published in "The Great Canadian Tunebook"  Check out his website at: http://members.home.net/bntaylor/canmidi.htm

If you would like to enjoy this music without having to go on the web, you're welcome to download any of this music as you wish and store them on your own computer for your own non-commercial use. If you use this music in your own website, we ask that you credit either BARRY TAYLOR and/or the TERRIOT ACADIAN FAMILY website as appropriate. To listen to any MIDI music on your own, you will need a MIDI player. MicroSoft's WINDOWS 98® comes with a Media Player which will automatically play your MIDI file when you double click on it. Otherwise, you can download a MIDI Player free of charge from NoteWorthy Artware, Inc.  Remember, your computer must be equipped with a sound card in order for you to play this music. If your computer has speakers, it  has a sound card. 

For the sake of completeness and for the sake of our growing Cajun family members, we add here some Cajun songs which have very strong Acadian connections. These are compliments of Andy Bakke's MIDI magic... drop him a note to Accrdnmn@aol.com  and tell him "Thanks Andy... you're the greatest!"  Enjoy!  JRT

AN IMPORTANT NOTE:   By the way folks, please note that if you interrupt any of Andy Bakke's MIDI songs except "L'Arc en Ciel", your sound card will start sounding off pitch. The reason is that Andy uses some fancy pitch bending commands in his music which requires the sound card to be reset at the end of each song. If you let each of his songs play to the end, everything will be OK. But if you have to interrupt one of his songs, you will probably have to reset your sound card by restarting your computer. So, a word to the wise... please be sure to let me know if you have problems with this music.)