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 Mystery 1.


I've been travelling around the web, looking for sites that might feature old songs such as the one my grandfather used to sing.  He was born in Louisdale, Nova Scotia in 1880, and spoke French at home.  The song is about a man (Papa Nicholas) who is the mother of one Lucien.  It is sort of an Acadien "I'm my own grandpa" and only makes sense if you know the nuances of the Acadien French.  I only have a few lines of the song still in my memory, and would love to have it all again.  It goes: 

Merci beaux yeau, prend garde à tois,
Parla Francais, Papa Nichola

Papa Nichola c'est la mére de Lucien,
C'est meme quand nous l'arrainge.

Il faux i graté da da da da da da,
and so on

Forgive me if I murdered the French, but I do it phonetically.  Any Ideas?  Thanks for anything.

Joe Peterson