Our Hopes...  

OUR FIRST HOPE in organizing and developing this section is first, to make this great music available to you.

OUR SECOND HOPE is curatorial, that is to recover parts of these songs that we have lost today, either the lyrics, the music itself, and even the title of the song or the history behind each song. So, our hope is that as you review each song, you may discover that you or someone in your family will have the title, music or lyrics that we do not have, or perhaps that the music or melody as we have it recorded here is not quite correct, or perhaps you know something about the history of a song. If you do, I would greatly appreciate a message from you... Just click my e-mail address: Family@Theriault.com

This page is in two sections: the SONG LIST, and the SONG BOOK. The Song List which follows, identifies each song by title and indicates those for which we have the lyrics and music, or no lyrics (music only), or lyrics only(no music) or those for which we have no title.  When you click on a title, we will play the song if we do not have the lyrics. Or, if we do have the lyrics, we will open our Song Book to that page and play the song as long as you have that page open. Enjoy!   ...JRT