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THE VICINO GENEALOGY...  We read recently that Ellis Island had organized and digitized its records and better yet, had opened a website ( with the records of the immigrants that all can access (at no cost)! Within 10 minutes, here is what we discovered. We started only with the knowledge that Rosemary's paternal grandparents' names were Antonio Vicino and Isabella Bonadies and that they had come over some time before 1902 when Rosemary's Uncle Jim (their first child) was born.

While there were many Bonadies who immigrated to the United States from Italy, there was only one Isabella! (We were lucky not to have to sift through 150 Isabella Bonadies...) Taken directly from the Ellis Island records, Isabella arrived on 26 November 1898 on a passenger ship, the 'Spartan Prince' which had departed from Naples, Campania, Italy. She was a 14 year old Italian female from Corleto, Italy. She was single.

We were not so fortunate with Antonio, although there were only two who arrived before 1907. Antonio (1) arrived in 1897, and Antonio (2) arrived in 1898.

Antonio (1) arrived on 5 April 1897 and was 28 years old at that time. His place of residence in Italy is not given, but he did arrive on the 'Furst Bismarck' which had departed from Naples, Campania, Italy. His marital status is not given.

Antonio (2) arrived on 14 May 1898 and was 21 years old at that time. His place of residence in Italy is given as Cerranova. He arrived on the 'Patria' which had departed from Naples, Campania, Italy. He was single.

So, we are currently planning on getting Antonio's death certificate from Hartford, so that we can sort these two Antonio's. The death certificate will also allow us to determine exactly where (in Mount St-Benedict Cemetery) he is buried.

Antonio Vicino and Isabella Bonadies... their wedding portrait taken around 1898.As a result of some recent conversations that Rosemary had with her cousin Betty-Jane, she received a small package from 'cousin' Donna. Apparently Betty Jane mentioned her conversation with Rosemary to Cousin Donna and lo and behold, Donna had this beautiful portrait of the couple which she sent to Rosemary. The resemblance between Betty Jane and Rosemary with their grandmother is clear, don't you think? Especially, the hand on the hip... that's Rosemary's posture whenever she commands me to do something.

(A few technical notes:  I scanned this portrait at a very high resolution (600 pixels per inch) so that you can appreciate the details... if you would like to have a copy made by your local photo shop, they will do that if you will download the photo on to a diskette and bring it to them. Click here to DOWNLOAD this photo... the size of the file is 2.5Mbytes so depending on whether you have a dial-up or cable access, it will either take about 20 minutes or about 2 minutes, respectively. If you would be satisfied with the lower resolution copy shown above, you can download that by right clicking on the photo and selecting SAVE IMAGE AS... and save it on your hard drive. That will only take a minute or so for dial-up access.  You should know that this is a copy of the original which Donna has. Also, I have cleaned up some smudges on Isabella's dress and Antonio's face which were on the hard copy that Rosemary has.)

So for now, we are left to speculate as to which is THE Antonio Vicino who came to Wethersfield to live on Nott Street. It is common knowledge that Grandfather Antonio was much older than Grandmother Isabella. Judging by the photo, we think that Antonio (1) is THE Antonio. While we do not currently have the records, we believe the Antonio and Isabella married around 1900 in Hartford and settled in Wethersfield and eventually lived on Nott Street. We believe that at the time they married, Antonio was 31 and Isabella was about 16.  We think this is correct judging by their wedding portrait. One more thing: according to Betty Jane, their marriage was arranged as was the custom in those days.

Isn't this exciting!

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