That Great PAËLLA Party!!

German Chef Werner...Spanish Chef Marcial...                       
It was a warm, sunny day in the German countryside. It was July 23, 2003... a most notable day for team-building. The VAFORIT team decided to take good advantage of the fine weather to have a Paëlla Party!! 

The two Paëlla chefs would be Werner and Marcial, each with their very own secret recipes. So, yes, this was sort of a Cook Off... perhaps better called a friendly 'Clash of the Titans'.  

There was plenty of food and plenty of refreshments... wonderful red wines transported from Spain, California whites hand-carried from America... and, there's more:  a fresh batch of Mint Julep from the American South. We thank our German colleagues for their fine hospitality. Somehow Joe returned home to America with half a case of fine German whites with Hartmut's compliments. 

The following photos are compliments of Victor... that fun party guy that you will see in many, many of these photos. We congratulate the photographer for the fine photography but I guess the ladies and gentlemen of the VAFORIT project are a very good-looking group of people anyway as you will see in this Great Paëlla Party collection. Everyone was there from the most senior to the most junior... everyone except Sabine who could not join us. So, we will have to repeat this great experience if only for Sabine.   ~JRT

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