Our Tour of Germany and France with Mert!

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Rotthenberg am Taub...   
Adventure-bound in Frankfurt am Main...Saturday, 1 September 2001... ALL ABOARD!!!     Here we are at the Frankfurt Hauptbahnof... the main train station. In the background, our high-speed InterCity Express (ICE) train is just pulling in. It's right on time of course. We left ten minutes later bound for Wurtzberg where 90 minutes later, we would connect with the regional train to Rotthenberg.  Are we ready to go ladies?

ROTTHENBERG AM TAUB is about 3 hours southeast (by train) from Frankfurt am Main. 'Am Taub' in German means 'on the Taub'. Taub is a river running through Rotthenberg which is in the northern tip of Bavaria.

It is a medieval city with a rampart (wall) surrounding the village. The wall has turrets at each of the corners.


The two pals... are we having fun yet, ladies? The trip there by ICE is very pleasant and relaxing... especially in the first class cabins.

OK... so here we are heading east on the ICE... it doesn't look like it but we were travelling at about 200 mph soon after this photo was taken.

German soccer players showing off to Mert... There is something about my sister that she attracts 'different' people. Here, she ran into a German 'football' team... or as we call it back home, soccer. Well, they obviously loved Mert, who took this photo. This was at the Wurtzberg train station where we switched to the regional train to head south to Rotthenberg.
Rothenberg at last... ROTTHENBERG, GERMANY.... a most delightful, medieval village in northern Bavaria... a shopping mecca for my sister Mert and her buddy, Rosemary. 

It was overcast and drizzly when we arrived from Frankfurt but the skies cleared later in the day. It was a very memorable and beautiful day.

Don't these two look just peachy keen? On arriving, we paused for coffee to set our strategy and plans for the day. First thing to do, get some umbrellas so that we won't get drenched. 

I of course volunteered to go find some unbrellas in a local shop.

A favorite pastime... shopping So here we are in Rotthenberg... a medieval village loaded with art, architecture, folklore and historical festivities.... and what do the ladies want to do?

SHOP!!! of course.

Can we now go see the muenster, ladies? They finally emerge ready to go enjoy the festivities, the village muenster (cathedral) and great German folk music.

Below are some of the scenes in the village of Rotthenberg...

1.  some characters from the ancient German days...
2.  the town square...
3.  the 'rathaus' (town hall) and glochenspiel (animated carillon)...
4.  some typical Bavarian architecture...
5.  the village Bavarian brass band.

Beer and schnopps... have we died and gone to heaven? DOWN THE HATCH!  There they are... the two life friends, Rosemary and Mert taking a break in a street café in Rotthenberg listening to a very good German brass band play Bavarian folk music. That liter stein of beer is not Mert's... it's mine. GREAT BEER! I sipped on my beer while the girls took their schnopps down the hatch. Don't they look like they are enjoying that drink?
This poor guy has no idea how much trouble he's in... MERT'S GOOD DEED.... leave it to my sister to come to the aid of a friendly fellow American serviceman. After this photo was taken, the gentleman went back to the change room to take off his 'lederhosen' (leather pants) because they were too tight. From the change room, he complained aloud that he wasn't able to get out of his pants because they were too tight... my sister, Mert volunteered to go in with him and help take off his pants! What a generous heart!

I want you folks to know that while all of this was going on, I was visiting the local cathedral and in fact, decided to take advantage of the peace and quiet (away from the girls) to take a nap...

Our home away from home...

And now... we've headed back 'home' to our little B&B in Frankfurt... the Hotel Westend. 

I congratulated myself for having survived my first day with Rosemary and Mert. 

By the way, the following two photos are contrasting scenes from downtown Frankfurt:
1.  the rathaus (cityhall) which was completely leveled in World War II but just as completely restored in the 1950's. 

2.  one of Frankfurt's modern silver sky scrapers a few blocks away in the financial district (Frankfurt is the Wall Street of Germany)... this building was one of Mert's favorites with the flowing neck tie sculpture. 

End of Day One... cheers! So here we are in our favorite drawing room at the Westend, enjoying our evening cocktail before going out to dinner.

Actually, in all honesty, I miss those neat chat sessions with Rosemary and my sister, Mert.

Next day's agenda... Strasbourg, France. Below is a sneak preview of the city skyline... Click here to tour Strasbourg... 

Last Revised: Monday, 17 September 2001