Our Guests from Europe  ...it's time to BOOGIE!

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The P1 'First Team'  Party!
Well, the party started gently and very civilized... here the Dane's and Germans are trying to decide what to drink... Rainer has no problems making up his mind... Anu and Brian are still thinking about it.
Lynn is trying to advise Rainer that alcohol-free punch would be a much better idea... and it looks like Helmut finally made his decision.
Oh my God is this our Kitchen Staff? Why am I laughing? We're in serious trouble here... And as usual, Fernando with his salad fork says "No problem. Markus and I have done the salad. That's all we need!" José-Manuel is holding on to his drink in case the kitchen crew screws up dinner.
Meanwhile, the Chef and his motley crew are demonstrating how easy it is to burn 24 steaks... "Can somebody give me a hand here!!" José-Manuel thinks this is fun. He thinks that Joe is doing Cajun cooking... you know, everything is blackened. Dennis with knife in hand is going to see if we can salvage the steaks.
So, here the ladies; our hostess, Rosemary; from Spain, Ana; from Germany, Anu  and Lynn (the good-looking side of the Dennis and Lynn team) are debating on whether to sit down with these guys... this is a tough bunch. This could be disasterous ladies... It deserves very serious consideration. Seated at the table (l-r) are Markus, Rainer, Wolf, Helmut and José-Manuel...
So now, our two-table dinner is well underway. so far so good. And, Anu (in the foreground) and Lynn (at the other end of the table) are the only two ladies daring enough to join these guys... but actually with the Air Force (Dennis) close by... all is well. Although let's not get carried away, this is after all a Halloween Dinner... things could get alot worst...  the rest of our guests are (l-r) Wolf, Helmut, José-Manuel, Dennis, Markus, Rainer and Jorg.
Well, thank God for the wise men on the team from Frank and Werner to Fernando and Jurgen, with Yours Truly in the center... or do we call them 'wise-guys'?  Think of it, Germans, Spaniards, Danes, Americans... oh, I almost forgot, and one air traffic controller (the guy holding the smiling pumpkin). The European Union could take lessons from this core team... 
Alas, it's time to wrap it up and as usual, the Spaniards help us close the party. In their custom, parties are suppose to go on until 3AM!! Two o'clock is way too early! But where is Ana? Have the guys forgotten about her?

Naw, actually, we're just being funny. These photos are all compliments of our dear friend Ana from Madrid. She was the photographer... a very generous one indeed.

Thanks for joining us in our home, guys. It was a great honor for Rosemary and I. Let's do it again... feel free to download any of these photos. If you want an electronic copy of the originals at the scanned resolution, let me know.

Last Revised: Saturday, 3 February, 2001