Our Guests from Europe  ...it's time to BOOGIE!

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Munich Air Traffic Controllers arrive!
Have you ever seen a finer group of people? Our friends from Munich… taking a well-deserved break from their hard work developing the Munich adaptation set… Tall Alek is the photographer. That's why we don't see him in any of these photos… Next time we do this Alek, turn the camera over to one of these smiling guys in this photo…
This is Joe giving Rosemary a little attention... good boy!
You are my sunshine... my only sunshine So, now for the fun… boy, that guy in the blue shirt sure gets around! Pretty talented isn't he… first a waiter, now entertainer… what else can he do?
All eyes on Thomas! I can hear the boogie woogie... Whoa… someone else is entertaining? It's certainly not the guy in the blue shirt… hmmm Mystery guest, perhaps?
Move over Beethoven... Thomas is here! It's Thomas Etienne!…doing the boogie woogie! Wow! Look at that man GO!

The skies over Munich are safe because these guys know how to work hard and how to play hard… Thanks for joining us in our home, guys… we were honored.

These photos are all compliments of the kind generosity of that invisible German… Alexander Tkany. The irony is that this 'invisible' man is seven feet tall!… So, a thousand thanks, Alex… for capturing this great moment for us!

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Last Revised: Saturday, 3 February 2001