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Welcome to the TERRIOT ACADIAN FAMILY SOCIETY websites. While this site focuses on just one GREAT-BRANCH©  of the Terriot family, there is something here for all members of the Terriot family, and all Acadians as well as others who may be interested in Acadian history. For your pleasure and convenience, we have designed this site to read like a book...  it is easy to browse through each section and there are no commercial pop-up messages to distract you. To help create the setting for this story, we draw on our archive of old Acadian music which you hear in the background. But most important is that we try to mix the human element along with the historical and genealogical details to bring the 'past back to life' and to keep it interesting. So, take your time to read through each section. This is the JOSEPH & THÉOGÉNIE THÉRIAULT FAMILY website. Bookmark us, because we think that you will want to return.

The greater Terriot family currently has about fifteen (15) generations in North America and an estimated five hundred Great-Branches of which a mere 90 are currently documented in our JEHAN TERRIOT ARCHIVE. As we mention on our main family website, note that when we use the 'Terriot' spelling of our family name, we include all spelling variations: Theriault, Theriot, Terrio, etc. Here at this website, we focus on one relatively small branch of the family, the
GREAT-BRANCH of JOSEPH & THÉOGÉNIE THÉRIAULT, one of the early families of St-Jacques, New Brunswick and later, Baker-Brook. We dedicate this web site to this most intrepid couple, Joseph and Théogénie, pioneers of the wild Madawaska territory in northwest New Brunswick and northern Maine.

The TERRIOT ACADIAN FAMILY SOCIETY organized the genealogy of our family into Great-Branches where a Great-Branch is defined by the members of our 9th-generation. The first nine generations of all Great-Branches in the Terriot family are documented by our portal website, the JEHAN & PERRINE TERRIOT FAMILY website. Here, in the JOSEPH & THÉOGENIE THÉRIAULT FAMILY website and in websites such as this one, the 9th generation and later generations are documented there and each website is dedicated to one specific Great-Branch.

Joseph, son of Dolphis, is a 9th-generation ancestral grandson of Jehan Terriot and Perrine Ruau. Jehan and Perrine in turn are the progenitors (i.e., originators) of the Terriot family in North America. All Terriot's on the North American continent that have been documented to date, trace their roots to this courageous couple who first stepped on to the North American continent ini the 1630's.



The JOSEPH & THÉOGÉNIE THÉRIAULT GREAT-BRANCH spans four centuries from 1601 to the present and includes 15 generations. The first nine generations which define this Great-Branch span 314 years, the period of 1601 (when Jehan was born) to 1915 (when Joseph was deceased) and includes the lineage shown in the above table.

JOSEPH'S SHORT BIOGRAPHY...  Joseph was born in 1858 to Dolphis and Christine Soucy in St-Jacques before the village and the parish were founded. He was the third of four sons and had two younger sisters. Joseph was a grandson of Charles and Léocade. Charles is noted to have migrated in 1822 from Lower Canada in Sainte-Anne de la Pocatière to settle on the Madawaska River in present-day St-Jacques. As documented in my book(Footnote 1) "Destination: Madawaska", Charles was the first francophone to settle this area in present-day St-Jacques. He lost his wife after she delivered their 6th child, Adolphe in 1862. Four of the six children were raised by Dolphis' cousins, Adeline and Caroline Plourde. Joseph was raised by David and Caroline Plourde Rousseau in Moulin-Morneault. In 1882, he married a local girl, Théogenie Ouellet from St-Joseph and they raised their 12 children on their farm in Moulin-Morneault. Having been raised by the Rousseau's, Joseph knew the mill industry and thus spent some of his time working on the Moulin Morneault mills in addition to farming his land. His land may be seen in the foreground of the photo below on both sides of the road going up to and including the circled house on the left.

Plourde Office, present-day Moulin Morneault in the 1940's..  The hamlet of Moulin-Morneault from the Chemin St-Joseph looking southwest. Joseph was raised by the Rousseau's in the house (identified with a circle on the right) built by Pierre Plourde. Later, around the time that he married, he built his own house which is around the location of the house to the left (also identified with a circle).

Around 1907, he sold his property in Moulin-Morneault and acquired a property in Baker-Brook where he built a mill. Joseph died in 1915. His wife, Théogenie with the help of her two older sons, continued to support her younger children until they left the family home. She died in 1952 in Saint-Basile, NB.

If your family does not descend from Joseph but descends from one of his ancestors, for example, Dolphis, Charles, Charles-Marie, etc., then we are distant cousins or as we say back home, 'petit cousin'! After you browse through this website, we recommend that you visit the portal website for the TERRIOT ACADIAN FAMILY SOCIETY, which is the JEHAN & PERRINE TERRIOT FAMILY website at WWW.TERRIAU.ORG

There we will tell you the story of the greater Terriot family, its early ancestors and its progenitors, Jehan Terriot and Perrine Brault and about their trek to the New World. We also have a photo tour of the Terriot ancestral village in France... the village of Martaizé and of the surrounding ancient province of Poitou, an archive of our old Acadian and Cajun music as well as a family newsletter. You will find all of this and more in the portal website which we have dedicated to the Terriot story. We hope that you will pass this Acadian story on to your children and to the rest of your family.
If your family descends from Joseph, son of Dolphis, you are especially welcome and we expect a little more from you!  We would like to know who you are and where you connect in the Terriot family. But at least, please browse through our JOSEPH THÉRIAULT ARCHIVE© to see if you, your children, parents, or grandparents are correctly recorded. And, if you see that some information is missing or is incorrect, let us know.Note 2  We will correct your part of the family tree very quickly. The next time you drop in, you will be able to see your corrected family genealogy.

Our goals for the JOSEPH & THÉOGÉNIE THÉRIAULT FAMILY website are the following: (1) to first make the Joseph and Théogenie Thériault story and its genealogy available to as many members of our family as possible, (2) to continue the development of the Theriault genealogy to include as many of our family members as possible, and (3) to provide a communications link between the members of our family that promotes an understanding of the Terriot family, its history, culture as well as its people. Why?

Several reasons:
  • Because we believe that it is important for us to know that of the billions of people on this small planet some of us share common parents and thus should not treat each other as strangers.
  • Also because by understanding some of the strengths and weaknesses of our family, we might be able to use those strengths to improve our world before we leave. As to the weaknesses, we can learn to work around them and thus improve our lives and the lives of those around us.
  • And one final reason, because of a simple desire to honor the men and women upon whose shoulders we came into this world.
Rosemary and I strolling by the Fountain of Trevi in 'la bella Roma'. Three weeks in Italy is good for the soul...
Joe and Rosemary in Rome... by the Fountain of TreviBefore I go on, let me introduce myself: my name is Joseph Ralph Theodule Theriault (Theodule Angus, Joachim, Joseph) and I am Acadian by heritage. I have had the great fortune of growing up in that uniquely beautiful valley; the Saint John River Valley, in the old Acadian parish of Sainte Luce in the village of present-day Upper Frenchville, Maine. I am the elder of two sons of Theodule Angus Theriault, one of many grandsons of Joachim Thériault and one of many great-grandsons of Joseph Thériault. 

As you can see in our Joseph Thériault Archive and from the photo above, I have also had the great fortune of marrying the former Rosemary Ann Vicino. We have two daughters, Nicola Ann and Jill Andrea. Jill is married to Ronald E. Wical and they have two sons, Joshua Andrew and Matthew Joseph. (You may check out our personal website at WWW.TERRIAU.ORG/PERSONAL... and if you want to know what I do for a 'day-job', you may see my Short Biography for more details.)

I have been interested in the Theriault genealogy for well over 30 years. I have been aided in this pursuit by my loving Mother, Elsie Dubé Theriault, the late Reverend Father Louis J. Cyr (who originally researched our family tree from our church records), and others like my paternal cousin, Claude Thériault (Dénis, Joachim, Joseph) who stimulated my interest in the Acadian story many years ago. For many years now, I have had the assistance of my dearest paternal aunts, Georgette Thériault Cyr, Reverend Sister Marie-Ange Thériault, and Jeannine Thériault Lévesque (Joachim, Joseph). So as you can see, the work that is represented in this website reflects the help, dedication and work of many people, genealogical and historical groups, societies and organizations. They're all listed in the Credits section... take a look at it when you get a chance.

Now, by using the Internet as our tool to research and distribute this information, we hope to find new information on our family and perhaps find some of the 'lost' or unrecorded members of our family.

So, stay for a while. If you wish to share this information with your family or use it for other non-commercial purposes, feel free to download and print those parts of our website that interest you. Where you do use our intellectual property, please remember to credit the Terriot Acadian Family Society.

We would like to hear from you. Click on our e-mail address to send us a note at Click here to send us an e-mail...... If you want us to notify you when we make significant additions or changes to this website, let us know in your message and we will add you to our DISTINGUISHED VISITORS' ROSTER. When we do make significant changes, we will let you know what changes we have made so you can choose to check it out or not.

Now, if you would like to take a 'Guided Tour' of our website, click "Guided Tour" in our navigation bar at the top of the page.

1.  "Destination: Madawaska" by J. R. Theriault is available from the Societé historique du Madawaska, 165, boulevard Hébert, Edmundston, NBE3V 2S8 or by contacting the Terriot Acadian Family Society at  Click here to send us an e-mail....

Our 'Joseph T. Theriault' archive is largely based on three sources: (1) the Theriault genealogy research of Father Louis J. Cyr [ref: 16], (2) the compilation of Theriault family data by Linda Dube [ref: 10], (3) research by M. Fernand Lévesque and (4) information received from individual family members as noted in the Archive source documentation.

The goal of the JOSEPH & THÉOGÉNIE THÉRIAULT FAMILY website is to promote the  history,  culture, current affairs and communication between the members of the Acadian family of Joseph and Théogénie Thériault. The GREAT-BRANCH© concept and genealogical organization is copyrighted by the TERRIOT ACADIAN FAMILY SOCIETY.  This work including artwork, music and photography is not given, may not be used for commercial purposes and is not public domain. 

This Website is composed, designed, produced and owned by Joseph Ralph T. Theriault and was revised: September 2010. Revisions to these pages are published as new information is produced. The
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