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I have reserved this section for photos that might be of interest to today's generations. My hope is that you will send me some of your photos of the Dolphis and Joseph Theriault family to share with the rest of the family. But my motive is a little more long-term: for every person (or, couple) in our Joseph Theriault archive, I am archiving a photo. It would be especially interesting for our future generations to be able to see their predecessors as well as read about them. So, send me some of your old photos...  If you do not have the photo in electronic form, let me know by e-mail and we will arrange to send it by postal mail. I will take care to protect the photo and to return it to you in the condition that I received it.

  Send your electronic photos to:

By the way, feel free to download any of the photos on these pages for your collection. It is my hope that this website will help distribute these family photos to other family members. Let me know if you have any questions on how to download...

Photo Collections

Following is a small set from our collection which focuses on
Rita Thériault Bonsant (Joachim, Joseph).

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#1. Left:June 1926...  standing in front of Grand-Père Joachim Thériault's mill in Baker-Brook, New Brunswick, Canada. In the back row are Annette, Léanne, Dénis, Thaddée, Theodule; in the front row: Georgette, Rita, Félix and George.

#2. Right:Same date and location. In the back row is Léanne and Annette. Léanne is holding Thérese who was baptized earlier that day; in the front row: Rita, Georgette and George.

#3. Left:Summer 1937, the Joachim Thériault family standing on the front entry porch of their home in Baker-Brook, New Brunswick. In Row 4: Dénis, Joachim (father), Annie (mother), Léanne; in Row 3: Félix, Annette, Théodule and Thaddée; in Row 2: Georgette, George, Rita, and in Row 1: Thérese, Marie-Ange, Adrien (Joe) and Jeannine.

#4. Right:  Early 50's. The Joachim Thériault family in a studio portrait. In the back: Thaddée, Adrien (Joe), Thérese, Théodule, Jeannine, George, Félix. In the front: Rita, Annette, Dénis, Soeur Thériault (Marie-Ange), Annie (mother), Léanne, Georgette. Joachim was deceased in 1947. 

#5. Left: Summer 1943, Edmundston, NB. Rita with her first child, Grace (Gracieuse) in her carriage. Here, Grace is about one year old and Rita is 22 years old.

#6. Middle: Summer 1950-1. In front of the Bonsant home in Edmundston for a visit with Rita and her children are (l-r) Annie Madore Thériault (Grande Mère Thériault), Soeur Thériault (Marie-Ange), Jeannine, Rita and Georgette. In front are Nelson, Grace and Adrien (partially hidden by Georgette). 

#7. Right: Early 1960's.  Always open to a joke or a good laugh, Rita here with one of her uncles (Ligori Bouchard, married to Delphine, sister of Joachim). Félix in the back is having a good laugh as well. Félix was deceased later in 1964 and mon oncle Ligori, in 1966.

Here are a few photos from the
Georgette Theriault Cyr Collection which focuses on our 9th generation, Joseph and Théogénie's generation and their children. I am very grateful to Ma Tante Georgette (Joachim, Joseph) for sharing her very precious family photo album with us. As you read through our description of these photos, please feel free to correct me or to let me know about those things which I have marked as unknown, like locations, and dates. From time to time, I will change these photos so that eventually, all photos will have been shown. If you download each as they are shown, you will eventually have the entire collection.

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Claudia Thériault Martin and sister-in-law, Théogénie...Mother and Son... Théogénie and Régis.#1.  Far Left: "Grande Mère Theriault et Tante Claudia Martin" on the front steps of Delphine's home on Rue L'Nott in Edmundston around 1915-1920. Claudia Theriault Martin on the left and to her right, Théogenie Ouellet Thériault. Claudia was Joseph's youngest sister, the youngest of the seven children; therefore Théogénie's sister-in-law.28

#2.  Left: "Mon Oncle Régis and Grande Mère Theriault" on a visit from Berlin, New Hampshire around 1925-1930. The location of this photo is not known. Régis Thériault on the left was Joseph and Théogénie's elder son. Regis married in 1910. He and his wife, Egline Lizotte did not have any children.

Soeur Sainte Jeanne D'Arc, RHSJ... Directrix of Nursing at the Hotel Dieu in St-Basile...The very pretty Almida Thériault... in her youth and teen years..."Youngest Daughter: Almida Thériault", later "Soeur Sainte Jeanne D'Arc when she received her vows as a Catholic Sister of the Religieuse Hospitalière de Saint Joseph (RHSJ).

#3.  Far Left. Soeur Ste-Jeanne D'Arc at her post as a nursing directrix at the Hotel-Dieu hospital in St-Basile.

#4.  At left, Almida, in the early 1920's just a few years after the death of her father in 1915, Almida is in her teens obviously in the time period prior to the beginning of her studies as a Catholic Nursing Sister.

Antoine and Evangeline Eva... on their day in June 1926...Joachim, Annie and family... on a very cold Sunday morning in Baker-Brook...#5. Far Left.  "Antoine et Eva" Antoine built a  successful milk delivery business in Nashua, New Hampshire. In the early 1960's, he drove a most beautiful yellow Cadillac. In this photo, it is 24 June 1926 in Nashua, New Hampshire. Antoine and Evangeline (Eva) Levesque marry.

#6. Left. "Joachim et Annie"... It is Sunday morning in the winter of 1923, and everyone in the Joachim Thériault family is ready to climb into the horse-drawn sled and go to Holy Mass in Baker-Brook. Joachim and Annie are well dressed in their furs, as are the children Léanne, Denis, Annette and Rita (beyond view) Thaddee, Theodule, Felix and George in the chair.

The Birthday Girl... Delia celebrating her 87th birthday in 1990Ma Tante Delphine et Mon Oncle Liquori Bouchard...#7.  Far Left: "Delia's 87th Birthday Anniversary Celebration" This is October 1990. Delia, born in 1903, was the 11th child and 6th daughter of Joseph and Théogénie. We lost Delia seven months later on 23 May 1991. Her husband, Frank Martin died several years earlier in 1959. They had four children: Louise, Therese, Hubert, Jerome.

#8.  Left: "Delphine and Liquori at home" Delphine was the 8th child and third daughter of Joseph and Théogénie. She and Liquori Bouchard married in 1920 and raised one child, Ramona Martin. Grand Mère Théogénie lived with them briefly in 1952.

Four Generations: Théogénie, Edith, Wilfred and Valmont...Flavie... the very dedicated daughter#9.  Far Left: "Four Generations Standing Tall"Left photo: Around 1938, Grand Mére Théogénie with daughter, Edith, Edith's elder son Wilfrid Roussel, and Valmont (Wilfrid's son?).

#10.  Left: "Daughter Flavie" In the photo at right, Flavie Thériault Daigle in a reunion with her sisters and mother, sometime in the 1950's. Flavie took care of her mother for decades until she herself died in February 1952, five months before her mother, Théogénie died.

Christine and family... from Berlin, New Hampshire
A visit from the older brother... Régis with Antoine
#11.  Far Left: "Christine and her Growing Family" In the left photo, Christine, Lorenzo and their two oldest boys Adrien and Laurier are in town for a visit from Berlin, New Hampshire. The date of this photo is early 1930's. There is a later photo of Adrien and Laurier further down this page, that was taken in 1938.

#12.  Left: "Joseph's Oldest and Youngest Sons" In the photo at right, Régis and Antoine at Antoine and Eva's home in Nashua, New Hampshire on West Hollis Street. Mon Oncle Antoine is wearing his rubber work boots and  is obviously preparing to do his milk processing chores. (A dairyman's work is every day, seven days a week, 365 days a year...) This is probably Sunday in 1953-54, a day to visit the family.


Photo of the Month Gallery

PHOTO #1:  Here, for starters is one of my favorites...  This one from the Joachim Branch of the family.  Actually, this is the Joachim Theriault family. This photo was taken in 1955 in Edmundston, eight years after Grand Père Joachim's death. The rest of the family is present in this photo. Starting from the rear row (l-r) are Thaddee, Adrien (Joe), Therese, Theodule (my father), Jeannine, George and Felix. In the front row are: Rita, Annette, Denis, Marie-Ange (Soeur Theriault, RHSJ), Grand-mere Annie Madore, Leanne and Georgette. Annette died of cancer in December of this same year.

PHOTO #2:  Now to show you that I am not partial to the Joachim Branch ... here's one from the Christine Branch... In the early years of my parent's marriage, they lived in Berlin, New Hampshire with mon oncle Lorenzo LeClerc and ma tante Christine.  This is a photo from the summer of 1938 in Berlin, New Hampshire. Now, the two youngsters on the left are Adrien and Laurier Leclerc, the two elder sons of Lorenzo Leclerc and Christine Theriault (Christine <Joseph)... To Laurier's right is Theodule Angus Theriault, my father and son of Joachim and far right is Lorenzo. There were two more boys who were born after Laurier: Armand and Régis. This photo was taken by my mother, Elsie Dube...  I hope to hear from the Leclerc boys or their family on this one...

Update December 2000: In a call recently to Adrien, he remembered that the custom in the summer on Sundays was to go to a lake just a few miles of Berlin. So, that's what was going on in this photo. I wonder whether they had black flies in that neck of the woods... By the way, Adrien did say that he lost his younger brother, Laurier in 1991 of cardiac problems. His younger two brothers Armand ("Ti Bea") and Régis are both married and living in Connecticut.

PHOTO #3:  Ok, this next photo is definitely from one of the other branches of the Joseph Theriault family. Some of you should recognize some of the guests at this wedding and hopefully, someone will identify the wedding couple in this picture.


Okay, give up? According to Georgette (Theriault) Cyr (Joachim, Joseph), the wedding couple in this picture is Therèse Martin (Delia, Joseph) and Malcolm Collin which according to our Archive were married on 6 July 1957 in Edmundston, NB.  So this photo is from the Delia Branch. Therèse was the second of four children in the family of Mon Oncle Frank Martin and Ma Tante Delia (shown in the front row on the right, numbers 1 and 2). According to our archive, the other children are: Louise, Hubert and Jerome. Other members of the family in this photo are (numbers 3 and 4) Mon Oncle Liguori Bouchard and Ma Tante Delphine (8th child and 3rd daughter of Joseph and Théogenie). I also recognize (number 10) Ma Tante Christine (12th child of Joseph and Théogenie), Also present were (numbers 5 and 6) Thaddée Thériault (Joachim, Joseph) and his wife Simone (Levesque). Again, according to Georgette, number 7 is a fellow by the name of Hubert (Bert) Martin (Delia, Joseph), brother of the bride. And, numbers 8 and 9 are Yvette (Saucier) Thériault and to her left, her husband George (Joachim, Joseph) who is almost completely obscured by another gentleman in front of him. Unfortunately, we can only see George's right ear. According to my cousin Oneil (Dénis, Joachim, Joseph) in the High Sierras of California, number 11 is Jerome Martin (Delia, Joseph), younger brother of the bride. Okay, can anybody recognize anyone else?

1953... Birch Point/Pointe à Boulot, Long Lake, Ste-Agathe, Maine;  Sons and sons-in law of Joachim Thériault
PHOTO #4:  Here's another from 'ma tante' Georgette Theriault Cyr's Collection which she loaned me during my recent visit with her in February 2001. This one is of Joachim Thériault's sons and sons-in-law. It was taken in 1953 at Birch Point/Pointe à Boulot on Long Lake, Ste-Agathe, Maine at Willard and Annette (Theriault) Landry's home.  In the rear are Théodule, Willard Landry (husband of Annette), Félix, Jesse Baker, Martin Marquis (husband of Léanne), Rémi Cyr (husband of Georgette), Thaddée and George. In front are Armand (Bee) Lévesque (husband of Jeannine), Adrien (Joe) and Dénis. Jesse Baker, from the Baker family after which Baker-Brook is named,  was husband of Gilberte Saucier, George's sister-in-law. There are two sons-in-law missing from the photo: Fred Bonsant, husband of Rita and Gerard Martin, husband of Therèse. This photo originally belonged to Joe Thériault who passed it on to his sister, Georgette. Joe was deceased on Tuesday, 6 February 2001, the last of Joachim's sons to be deceased. In passing this photo to his sister, he told Georgette "I guess I should have dressed for this picture..."/"J'aurai dû m'habillier pour ça ce portrait là..."