ITEM m00010
TITLE Annie Madore Theriault 10" Vintage Open Lace Pink Depression Glass Serving Plate
CLASS Food Service
Family Joachim and Annie Thériault
DESCRIPTION The plate is Depression Glass, pink with an open lace pattern and measures about 10" in diameter.  The scallop pattern wraps around the edge of the plate.
MARKINGS No known markings.
PROVENANCE This serving plate was acquired by Annie sometime around 1930 in the era of the Depression. It may have been given to her as a gift for their 25th wedding anniversary celebration in 1934. Annie used it in her home at the Theriault mill in Baker Brook, NB and was known to bring out her special dishes and serving ware whenever members of the family from long distances away came to visit.

Annie gave the plate to her daughter Jeannine. Jeannine used it for several years in her home in St-Basile, NB before she gave it to one of her grand-nieces.

Depression glass was utilized as premiums, to be given away at gas stations, movies and tucked into other consumer products. Most were produced between the years 1935 -1938 making it one of the true depression glass patterns.

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