ITEM m0007
TITLE Soeur Ste-Jeanne D'Arc Rosary #1
CLASS Religious Article
Family Joseph
DESCRIPTION This religious article is a rosary. There are two types of rosaries: the more common are the standard prayer beads called 'chaplet' in french. These have five decades (10 beads each for a Hail Mary, separated by a single bead for the Glory Be To The Father). The less common rosary basically is three standard prayer beads in one for a total of 15 decades. Each of the 5 decades on this rosary are marked by a medal shown below. The two medals are both medals of the Immaculate Conception.
MARKINGS The triangular-shaped metal piece which joins the crucifix section of the rosary to the rest of the rosary is embossed with the letters M-I (Mary Immaculate). There are two medals made of a soft metal. One is an oval medal of Mary Immaculate or the Immaculate Conception with an inscription around its border: "Marie Concut Sans Peché". The back of this medal has two embossed hearts for each of Jesus and his Mother, Mary. The other medal is round; one side of the medal is of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the other side is of the Blessed Mother with the Infant Jesus in her arms. The crucifix is made of brass with a wood inlay. The body of Jesus Christ is made of brass. The crucifix was apparently made in Germany as marked on the back of the crucifix. The cross has a machined locking screw on the bottom which when unscrewed, allows the face of the cross to swivel open. When the cross is opened, it reveals an inside chamber used to hold relics. The inside chamber is empty. (see photos below)
PROVENANCE This is the rosary belonged to Söeur Ste-Jeanne D'Arc (née Marie Anne Almida), (Joseph), born 31 July 1908 in St-Hilaire. She took her permanent vows around 1935 with the 'Religieuse Hospitalières de St-Joseph', an religious order of nursing sisters working largely in northern New Brunswick. Söeur Ste-Jeanne D'Arc passed the rosary to her sister-in-law, Annie in the late 40's. 
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