ITEM m0006
TITLE Joachim Thériault Rocking Arm Chair
CLASS Furniture
Family Joachim
DESCRIPTION Chair, Arm, Rocking, made perhaps of maple.
MARKINGS Some minor rubbing on the back slats.
PROVENANCE A Big Chair for a Big Man...This rocking chair belonged to Joachim Thériault when he and his wife, Annie lived in their Baker-Brook residence at their mill along the St-John River. In the 1930's, Joachim would customarily retire to this chair in their large living room where he would smoke his pipe and relax as the children did their homework and prepared for bed. One of the other prominent pieces of furniture in their living room was either an upright piano or organ. According to Elsie Dubé Theriault (wife of Theodule, Joachim's son), Joachim would relax in this chair after supper and would often ask Elsie to play and sing a few songs.

According to Elsie, Joachim and Annie often entertained large groups of local friends in their home. The furniture in their large living room would be pushed back to clear the floor for dancing. There was a stove in the middle of the room for heat and either an upright piano or organ for entertainment. This chair was witness to much fun, more than a few stories and many tender moments.

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