ITEM m0004
TITLE Joachim Thériault Hunting Rifle
CLASS Implements
Family Joachim
DESCRIPTION Rifle, Winchester, Model 1892, Gauge 44/40 W.C.F.(center fire)   SN: 721482. The rifle is a lever action with a 15-round tube magazine.
MARKINGS There are three markings on the rifle: (1) the brand name, shown below is underneat the butt of the rifle, (2) the serial number, shown below is underneat the chamber, and (3) the type (44 WCF) is on the top side of the rear barrel.
PROVENANCE This rifle was a gift in 1913 of Fred Rommel to Joachim Theriault. Fred was a good friend of Joachim. They worked together at the Frazer mill in Baker-Book. Fred was Joachim's supervisor. Joachim used the rifle for deer, moose and caribou hunting in northern New Brunswick. 

Sometime before 1913, Fred and Joachim went hunting together. This time, Fred came with a new rifle, a brand new Winchester 1892, 44/40. It became apparent that Joachim really liked Fred's new rifle. Later in the fall of 1913, they returned to the hunt and again this time, Fred came with another new rifle, also a Model 1892 Winchester 44/40. This one however was a gift from Fred to Joachim as his good friend. Joachim enjoyed the rifle for many years after. 

According to Winchester's serial number records, this particular rifle was manufactured in the summer months of 1913. The Model 1892 manufactured in 1912 and 1913 were serial numbers 694752 and 742675, respectively. Serial number 721482 was somewhere in the middle of the 1913 production... probably around June-July. Winchester ended its production of the Model 1892 in 1938.

The Model 1892 was designed by John Browning and manufactured by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. Over one million Model 1892 rifles were manufactured in the production run from 1892 to 1938.

According to WikipediA, it was an extremely popular rifle. "Although the Model 1892 made its debut after the closing of the American frontier, and the true "Guns that Won the West" were the earlier Models 1866 and 1873, nonetheless the '92 became an indelible icon of Western mythology through its use in hundreds of motion pictures and television shows, standing in for its older siblings. John Wayne famously carried Model 92s in dozens of films and owned several personally, some with the distinctive oversized "loop" lever. Other notable screen 92s were those of Chuck Connors in The Rifleman TV series, and Steve McQueen's "Mare's Leg" in Wanted: Dead or Alive.[4]

Hollywood studios purchased the '92 in quantity because it was in regular production (until World War II) but looked sufficiently like Old West Winchesters to substitute for valuable antiques, and because in calibers .44-40 and .38-40 it could fire, together with the Colt Single Action Army "Peacemaker" revolver, the standard Five-in-One blank cartridge. This latter practice mirrored the real cowboys, who found it convenient to carry a rifle and a revolver chambered with the same ammunition."


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