ITEM m0003
TITLE Joachim & Annie Thériault Cranberry Glassware Serving Set
CLASS Glassware
Family Joseph
DESCRIPTION This  gold and cranberry glassware serving set is formed glassware with a gold irridescent finish around the top sections of the pieces and with a cranberry glass pressed 'buttons' around each article. The set consists of four pieces: a pitcher, a sugar bowl (top missing), a third bowl and a round butter dish.  The two bowls have double handles. The plate of the butter dish is badly chipped and cracked. All other pieces are in very fine condition.
MARKINGS There are no markings on any of the three objects.
PROVENANCE This set was a wedding gift to Joachim and Annie Theriault in 1909. Annie was known to use it when they were entertaining special guests (la grande visite). 
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