ITEM m0001
TITLE Annie Madore Theriault Wedding Ring
CLASS Jewelry
Family Joachim
DESCRIPTION This is a 10K gold ring or gold band, modified to a size 13. 
MARKINGS Inside ring: a symbol followed to the right with a star then followed further to the right with the words '1OK', then ending with another star.
PROVENANCE This is the gold ring that was presented by Joachim Thériault to his bride, Annie Madore on Monday morning, 23 August 1909 at the parish church of Ste-Luce in present-day Upper Frenchville, Maine. The time of the wedding is not known although the tradition in those times for weddings was a very early 8 o'clock in the morning. Joachim, who had just turned 23 years old less than a month before, came across the St-John River from his paternal home in Baker-Brook/St-Hilaire. He was on time... but his bride was not. She was very late coming down from the 'deuxieme rang' back settlement above Glass Hill/Cote Vitrée which is about two miles from church. One of her brothers had taken seriously ill the night before and Annie had stayed up with him nursing him through the night. The wedding reception was probably held according to tradition at the Madore home on the Cote Vitrée in Ste-Luce.

This ring was given by Annie to her son, Theodule some time in the early 1950's. By then, she had lost Joachim in 1947 and she herself was working at the Sanitorium in St-Basile. Theodule had come by to visit with her when she gave him the ring.

Theodule had the ring expanded to his size (13) and he wore the ring for several years.