A Message to my dear Classmates...

As I announced earlier, our website was de-commissioned and taken off-line on August 12, 2016. The website was first published 15 years earlier in 2001.

To obtain your own copy of the website with all the photos and music, contact me by clicking the PHS58 button at the bottom of the page. 

It has been total fun making this website happen. It served us well and allowed us to do things we otherwise might not have done. I appreciate the great team-work by the class to help gather the photos, the songs, the stories that are so important to our class and our time. While many of you helped make this website happen, I especially wish to acknowledge the very special help and support of Ginny, Barbara, Jan, Paul, Bob Whelan, Bruce Atwood and Joe Dellaquila. You have a very special place in my heart that will never fade.

I wish all of you a healthy, happy and fulfilling life. Let us stay in touch; your message will always make my day. Keep our Class of '58 torch burning.

Your loyal classmate,



Harvard, Massachusetts
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